Credit Restoration Program


Restore your credit with Successful Wealth Builders, LLC and see results in fast as 30 days. Once your score is in the 700’s you qualify for unsecured funding program up to 50k funding received within 14- 21 business days. Also we guarantee you an auto loan approval up to 30k.

Rapid Business Funding Program

Minimum 550 Credit score
* 6 months bank statements
* Must be in business for a minimum of 1 year
* 1 year business tax returns
* 1-3 year terms

Business Enterprise Funding

Minimum 620 Credit score
* 2 year tax returns
* Must be in business for a minimum of 2 year
* 6 months bank statements
* Minimum gross revenue $150k per year
* Profit and loss statements
* No criminal history
* Valid driver’s license
* No non-profit companies
* No tax liens
* 1-5 year terms
* Funding up to 500k funding received in 10 business days
* Referral partners can make up to 5% of each deal once funding is paid.
* 1-5 year terms