Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Funding Program: (should be first option for all people, best for start-up businesses, real estate flippers, entrepreneurs, all business types that DONT have business revenue yet.) 

Pros: Lower rates than all other options, all business types, funds quickly, co-signers easy to use. Can be done in biz name if needed. 

Cons:Need good credit, 680 min score for most loans. 


25-400k loan amounts.  

Installment loans (100k max size, Avg. = 50k) (Rates: 4-28%, Avg. =10% ) 

Lines of Credit "LOC" (50k Max size, Avg. = 20k) (Rates: 6-12%, Avg. = 9%) 

Credit Cards (50k Max size, Avg. = 20k) (Rates/cost: 3-28%, Avg. = 9%)


No, CPN's or files with just AU's  

680+ needed for most funding amounts over 75k, 740+ for amounts over 200k 

650-680 credit score must show strong income on w-2 paystubs or tax returns (income = after expenses) 

No accounts over limit, no late payments or negative information in last 2 years 

Vast majority of Installment loans and LOC require income documentation but clients without it can still have cheap access to cash.

Ideal Client = Score in the 700's, has existing trade lines for house and/or car and existing revolving accounts with higher limits of 10-30k. No more than a couple inquires in last months. 

Process beings by getting a 3-bureau credit report and submitting to richardsayles@yahoo.com.